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GreenFloors Environmentally Friendly Carpet Performance Profile

  The performance categories mean the following:
  Class I  Light to Moderate
  Recommended for areas subjected to moderate regular use
  Limited exposure to tracked on soil
  500 "traffics" or less per day
  Filing areas, storage rooms, offices, conference rooms,    boutique or display areas, reception areas, examining rooms
  Periodic spillage
  Few pivot areas
  Shields (pads) used under chairs.
  Class II  Moderate to Heavy
Frequent regular traffic following the same directional pattern
Heavy tracking of dirt and grit
A lot of pivoting and twisting
Moderate spillage
1,000 "traffics" or less per day
Direct entry from outside and adjoining hard surfaces
Lobbies, main aisles in retail stores, general offices (public access), stairs, medical waiting rooms, corridors, light food service (cafes, sandwich shops).
  Class III  Heavy to Extra Heavy
Exceptionally high levels of frequent and concentrated traffic   following the same directional pattern
Severe tracking of dirt and grit
Severe pivoting and turning
Heavy rolling traffic (gurneys, carts, wheelchairs)
Frequent spillage
Funnel areas (in front of elevators, turnstiles, etc.)
Over 1,000 "traffics" per day
Direct entry from outside.
Please use this performance rating as a guide in selecting product for particular end use areas. This is only a guide, not a list of certified ratings. The assigned performance rating is based on a face weight, fiber content, surface construction, dye method, and manufacturer's specifications. It is intended to assist you in qualifying where and how a product will be used, and what the reasonable performance expectations should be allowing for proper installation and maintenance. Local use conditions and color selection can affect appearance and performance.






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