GreenFloors Defender Commercial Carpet Cushion

Defender Commercial Carpet Cushion is made from 100% post industrial recycled materials from such sources as carpet, yarn, and fiber. It is needle-punched into weights ranging from 20-40 oz. and gauges from .235 to .350 in thickness. The carpet cushion is economical, extremely dense, and stable.
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Commercial Cushion Defender is available in: 6' & 12' widths.
 4 weights: 20-, 27-, 32-, and 40-oz. 
The below links will help you better determine the type of commercial padding you need.
27-oz. - Class I, moderate traffic
32-/40-oz - Class II, heavy traffic
 40-oz - Class III, extra heavy traffic

Defender is a recommended carpet cushion for all Berber and other loop pile carpets and commercial carpets.

  • The carpet cushion is made from 100% post industrial recycled materials.
  • Provides more comfort underfoot than direct glue-down carpet installation.
  • Ideal for commercial and institutional use.
  • Superior strength to retain its density and resist breakdown from moisture and wear.
  • Protects carpet from delamination.
  • Offers great resiliency to enhance the life of the carpet and the effectiveness of vacuum cleaning.
  • Allows ease of carpet maintenance and the use of wet cleaning methods.
  • Resists moisture and mildew. Can be used below grade (below ground level).
  • Meets or exceeds FHA requirements (except 20-oz.)
  • Provides added thermal and acoustical insulation.
  • This cushion is designed for stretch-in installations only. It is not recommended for double glue installations.
  • Slick surface for ease of installation (soft or rough back carpet will slide over this cushion.)
  • Very competitively priced.
  • Especially good where wheelchairs are involved.
  • No BHT yellowing.