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Commercial Carpet GreenFloors offers top quality commercial grade carpet collections from recycled carpet and other environmentally friendly materials.
Residential Carpet Recycled Polyester Carpet PET
Carpet Padding  
Wood Floors  
Cork Floors Natural Eco Friendly Cork Flooring
Bamboo Floors Bamboo is actually in the "grass" family and is one of the fastest growing species on the planet.  Bamtex rejuvenates quickly, growing to full maturity in 5 to 6 years and is truly sustainable.
Linoleum Floors  
Natural Fiber Products    
Wall Base    
Stair Tread    
Limestone Composite Tiles    
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Carpet Recycling Services We can help recycle your old carpet
Informational Services GreenFloors is a major source for environmentally friendly flooring products and related information.
About Us    
  GreenFloors GreenFloors is committed to recycling carpet thus protecting our natural resources through responsible environmental stewardship.  From the products we offer, to the methods we use to help customers recycle, GreenFloors is working to help ensure a healthy environment for future generations. Many products are made from recycled carpet.
  History We have been in the flooring business providing residential and commercial services as a full service store since 1972.
  Criteria GreenFloors criteria to make sure flooring products are green: Does the flooring contain recycled materials? Does it come from renewable materials? Can it be recycled in the future?  As an example, 100% of our commercial carpet is made from Evolution nylon which qualifies for recycling, thus preventing the carpet from going into landfills in the future.
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