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All of Greenfloors Commercial Carpet Tiles meet EPA's environmental guidelines.

Greenfloors Carpet Tiles has the same industry performance standards as carpet tiles lacking recycled content. We back our Carpet Tiles with the same warranties for high traffic wear, fire rating, stain resistance, and color fade, given similar appropriate uses.

By purchasing Greenfloors environmentally friendly Commercial Carpet Tiles you are taking an active role in reducing the volume and toxicity of waste entering landfills as well as the amount of resources necessary to produce new carpet tiles, thereby reducing the effect on the environment.
Greenfloors Commercial Carpet Tiles provide modular flooring for environments needing flexible design and installation. Imagine creating various patterns framed by a border with ease. Functionality, Color, and durability are the highlights of carpet tiles. If a tile is scoured during a desk move just replace it with a new one. By rotating carpet tiles out of heavy traffic areas they can be put back to work instead of in a landfill. Carpet tiles can be easily recycled. (Find out more about the benefits of carpet tile.)
Most Greenfloors Commercial Carpet Tiles are all made with recycled nylon and backing. All of our carpet tiles bear the CRI Indoor Air Quality label. This label is assurance that our carpet tiles are responsible, low-emitting carpet. Greenfloors offers many new modular alternative styles for sustainable design.

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Here you can find some great bargains by purchasing remnants and mill over runs thus keeping these leftovers out of our landfills. The savings of purchasing GreenFloors carpet overruns can be up to 60% of what the original purchaser paid for them. We have over 45,000 sq yds. of carpet tile overruns available at any time.

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Carpet tiles offer a carpet surface that features the benefits of a tile application:


- Lower Life Cycle Costs - Vinyl backed carpet tile products last longer then any other carpet products. Receive optimal performance from carpet tiles supported with vinyl backing.

- Save Costly Replacements - If a carpet tile gets worn, soiled or permanently damaged, just replace or swap it with one from a less visible area.

- Faster Installation - Save approximately 20% of installation time with carpet tiles vs. broadloom carpet.

- Unlimited Underfloor Access - Access underfloor power, data and telephone wiring without cutting or patching carpet. No need for a costly carpet replacement crew.

- Minimize Disruption During Installation - Save office downtime during installation or repairs. Renovation of occupied space can be reduced by approximately 50%. There is no need for the breaking down of systems, furniture or rewiring of the office.

- Easier Handling of Carpet - With greater mobility and efficiency, carpet tile is simply more convenient to handle than 12-foot rolls. Enjoy the benefits when climbing stairs and turning corners.

- Improved Acoustics/Energy Conservation - Receive better sound absorption and insulation with vinyl backed tiles compared to traditional carpet backings.

- Greater Interior Design Flexibility - Enjoy a custom-look with carpet tile patterns without the custom price. By incorporating a contrasting color as a border or employing angled tile patterns, achieve a designer look for less!

- Lower Replacement Costs - Save on your next installation because tile removal requires less labor than traditional carpet installations.

- Movable Floor System - Benefit from the mobility of carpet tile if your business relocates. Take your investment with you!