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Our recycled leather floor tiles let you enjoy the unique characteristics of genuine bonded leather without breaking your budget. GreenFloors Leather Tile products are made from real 100% recycled leather, giving them the charm of leather, but not the cost. The nature of this product adds to its beauty, authenticity, and uniqueness. The natural aspect of these tiles may vary in grain, texture, and color adding to the appeal of the floor.

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For orders of 400 square feet or more - custom tiles can be made. Also, custom embossing options are available. No matter what you choose, the natural luxury of genuine bonded leather will be the perfect complement to the surrounding décor. While the benefits of a recycled product will be the perfect complement to your budget.


Our recycled leather floors tiles are available in a variety of colors and finishes to design one of a kind interiors that command attention. These stunning leather floor tiles create luxurious surroundings that are practical, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. GreenFloors Recycled Leather Floor Tiles can be used in your home or workplace. The affordability and durability will delight you!

Architectural Specifications (CSI Master Specifications):

Product Name:                        GreenFloors Recycled Leather Floor Tiles

Material:                                   Recycled Leather, Natural Latex

Tile Size:                                 24" x 24"

Thickness:                              Floor 3.2 mm (0.125") Wall 2.0 mm (0.065")

Smoke Density:                      ASTM E-662 Less than 200 (20 m, flaming)

Flooring Radiant Panel:          ASTM E-648 Class II

Static Load Limit:                    ASTM F-970 100lbs PSI

Limited Warranty:

GreenFloors Recycled Leather Floor Tiles are warranted not to be defective in material or in workmanship for 5 years (Commercial) / 25 years (Residential) from the date of GreenFloors Recycled Leather Floor Tiles invoice. Contact GreenFloors for full warranty information.

Installation Instruction Steps:

Remove Leather Tiles from packing and allow to acclimate for at least 72 hours. Be certain that substrate is structurally sound, level, oil-free, clean and free of dust. Leather tiles may be installed on unpainted dry wood or fully cured concrete surfaces. Install tiles using BASF CX-1000 Adhesive or DriTac 7500. Use trowel of 1/16 x 1/16 x 1/16 at a spread rate of 150 square feet per gallon. Floor Tiles should be rolled during and after installation using a 100 - 150 pound roller. To seal seams and protect tiles, apply GreenFloors Leather Pro­tective Coating and Sealant 24 hours after installation. Please contact GreenFloors for full installation instructions.


Use a damp (not wet) mop or soft cloth. Never use harsh detergent cleaners, liquid floor waxes, polishes, or ammonia. Only use a soft brush attachment when vacuuming.







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