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Adhesives WITH THE Ultra Green Certified seal are the lowest emitting flooring adhesives manufactured. For carpet, Ultra Green represents adhesives that are up to 97% below the current Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Indoor Air Quality emissions criteria for adhesives.

The two most commonly referenced protocols for reporting VOC's in adhesives are the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the Carpet & Rug Institute's (CRI) "Green Label Program". However, it must be pointed out that CRI and SCAQMD do not use similar methods in determining the level of VOC's that must be reported and thus their results vary significantly.

SCAQMD Rule 1168, established by Orange County and surrounding communities in southern California, does not provide for actual measurement of VOC emissions from an adhesive. Instead it calls for the calculation of an emissions level based on certain raw materials in the adhesive. Rule 1168 exempts certain compounds from inclusion in the calculation. Therefore, adhesives stating "VOC Content: 0 g/L; calculated & reported, SCAQMD 1168" may contain certain levels of volatile organic compounds that are not included in the calculation and therefore may not satisfy the CRI criteria.

Adhesives that carry the "CRI Green Label" have been physically tested by Air Quality Sciences, an Atlanta-based independent laboratory that certifies the total VOC emissions of a given adhesive to be at or below 10.0 mg/m2 · hr. CRI's methodology, which has been adopted by ASTM, involves the analysis and measurement of actual air samples and does not exempt any chemical compounds from the measurement.

New adhesive formulation technology has led to the introduction of GreenFloors Adhesive products. The first product introduced that uses this technology is GreenFloors High-Performance Carpet Adhesive. While easily meeting SCAMQD's criteria for 0 calculated VOC's, what really sets GreenFloors High-Performance Carpet Adhesive apart from all other adhesives is that the actual emission levels as tested in accordance with CRI's criteria for a Green Label adhesive have been measured at 0.3 - 0.5mg/m2 · hr: as much as 97% lower than the benchmark established by CRI of 10.0 mg/m2 · hr. In fact, at 0.3 -0.5mg/m2 · hr GreenFloors High Performance Carpet Adhesive has total VOC's at levels established by CRI for the carpet itself!

GreenFloors technological breakthrough created a new environmental benchmark that has been introduced to the market as Ultra Green Certified. Flooring adhesives with the Ultra Green Certified seal are the lowest known emitting flooring adhesives manufactured. All GreenFloor's products are Ultra Green Certified.









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